Osteopath Workplace Injuries

Treating Workplace Injuries using Osteopathy

At our Gold Coast clinic, our Osteopaths routinely treat clients with a wide variety of professional injuries related to or sustained within their field of choice, such as:

Sedentary workers: Sitting in front of a computer screen for a large portion of your day can often lead to RSI, back and neck pain, headaches and many other conditions. Ergonomic steps can be taken to lessen the effects, and listening to your body when it’s time for a break.
Tradespeople: Plumbers, electricians, builders, bricklayers, mechanics (the list goes on) – all are very susceptible to injury due to the sheer physical nature of their job and the range of motions (lifting, pulling, pushing) they go through daily.
Standing for long periods: Nurses, Teachers, Hospitality Workers, Retail staff are all at risk of developing ongoing issues as a result of the nature of their work. Having the right shoes, implementing some variation in your tasks, and acknowledging when your body needs rest and recovery or some maintenance is important.

In most cases your treatment plan will involve some form of exercise prescription and self-care management for you to complete in between your visits, to break up your workday and prevent further damage occurring.

**Please also note

Our Osteopaths are registered and approved to work with WorkCover Queensland for any of your compensation claims. Please let us know at the time of booking, and bring all of your relevant paperwork with you including your claim number, GP referral and if you have your case managers details we’d love to get in touch with them.