Osteopath Sports Injuries

Sports and Gym Injuries - Osteopathy and Exercise Rehabilitation

Life on the Gold Coast is synonymous with sun, surf and sand. Gold Coaster’s also love to keep fit in the many gyms with the explosion of traditional gyms, but also functional training centres like F45, CrossFit and others. Additionally due to the Gold Coast climate, every weekend you’ll see the sporting fields and indoor sports centre’s filled with children, adults, right through to masters participating in their sports of choice.

Our osteopaths have extensive experience handling all variety’s of strains, sprains and tweaks. The osteopaths here at Eclipse Health have a comprehensive knowledge human biomechanics, and understand the requirements you might have for your chosen sport or sports. They will apply a clinical assessment approach to determine rehabilitation techniques that focus on strengthening and conditioning. Exercise prescription can be utilised to keep you making progress between appointments, and maintenance after recovery until you next need to come in and see us.

Our osteopaths are of the firm belief that while we enjoy your company, we’d rather see you out enjoying your chosen sport or activity (not on the treatment table with us)! The Gold Coast is too beautiful to have you spending undue amounts of time here indoors with us, so our mission is to get you back to 100% so you can get on enjoying life.