Osteopathy for Veterans on the Gold Coast

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) - Osteopathy

We believe that Osteopathy is a option worth considering for a lot of our treasured Veterans. Here at our Gold Coast Clinic, we are more than happy to accept referrals from General Practitioners (GP’s), for Veterans holding the relevant health cards.

There is no additional cost to you the patient, for these services that the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) incorporates in it’s allied health treatment cycles. Here is some relevant information if you’re considering Osteopathic treatment:

You need to hold a Veteran Gold Card, or a White Veteran Card (and your treatment is for an accepted service-related condition). Speak with your GP when obtaining your referral.

Referrals to us from your GP will be under the Allied Health Service treatment cycle. Each Allied Health Service treatment cycle will last for up to 12 sessions or 1 year. There are no limits to the number of treatment cycles you can have.

Your GP will act as your care coordinator, and may even elect to have separate treatment cycles for each allied health service that you could benefit from, and run two different treatment cycles at the same time.

Please let us know once you have your referral from your GP, and if you’ve seen any other allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractor or other Osteopath in the previous 12 months.

This will simplify the billing process, and make sure everything is operating under your correct treatment cycle.