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Want to Know More About Osteopathy?

How can Eclipse Health and Osteopathy on the Gold Coast Help You Today?

Osteopathy utilises a holistic approach to treating the human body that is tailored to your specific conditions, needs and sensitivities.

It is a versatile treatment option for people of all ages. The skills of the osteopath can be adapted to accommodate infants, athletes, and the elderly with ease.

Osteopathy is safe for everyone from pregnant women to people recovering from surgery or those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis.

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On the Gold Coast there is such a versatile demographic and our osteopaths enjoy the variety of working with all ages.

Osteopaths in Australia undergo a 5-year university degree, and must be approved and registered with the Osteopathic Registration Board (AHPRA) in order to practice. Osteopaths are then required to complete additional study each year, with each practitioner often choosing to pursue training and courses in areas of particular interest to them.

Opening Eclipse Health and Osteopathy here on the northern Gold Coast was to fulfil a void in Osteopathic care that we identified. We felt the residents of the northern Gold Coast (Runaway Bay, Hollywell, Helensvale, Paradise Point, Sanctuary Cove, Coombabah, Hope Island and surrounds) deserved and could benefit from another treatment option.

We fully understand that sometimes patients like to go to different practitioners for different conditions, and we believe osteopathic treatment can be great as a standalone option, or collaboratively with other methods. Our osteopaths routinely work with other allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrist, dentists and of course work collaboratively with your General Practitioner (GP) and surgeons.

Osteopath Services available at our Gold Coast Clinic

osteopath dry needling
Dry Needling
osteopath sports injuries
Sport and Gym Inuries
osteopath workplace injuries
Workplace Injury
osteopath services
Full List of Services

What is Osteopathy? How Can Osteopathy Help Me?

The short answer to “How can Osteopathy help me?” is, in just about anyway you need. Osteopaths have such a wide range of skills and techniques at their disposal, which really resonates well with the varied demographic here on the Gold Coast.

Osteopaths will generally focus on your Neuro-Musculoskeletal System – muscles, nerves, bones and other tissues that support your body. They will take a holistic approach to your care, and continually adjust this to suit your needs best at the time of your visit.

Initially that may be working on a problem area or specific injury, but over time a quick “tune-up” or a maintenance visit may be all it takes to keep you in optimal condition.

Seeing an Osteopath at Eclipse Health on the Gold Coast for the first time will involve a comprehensive examination and assessment of your medical history and current conditions. You will receive hands-on treatment, often targeted at the muscular areas identified in your examination. Additionally your Osteopath will often provide you with a reasonable and flexible treatment plan, containing self-care measures, posture, exercise and stretching.

Treatment plans will vary from case to case and each Osteopath has their own style. But here at Eclipse Health and Osteopathy, we’re strong believers in the “Find it, Fix it, and Leave it alone” mentality.

Realistically as a general guideline, most acute cases will require 3-5 treatments for the full therapeutic benefits to be realised. But please do keep in mind that on rare occasions some patients may experience a slight discomfort following their treatment, however this should subside quickly within a couple of days as a guide.

With your permission our experienced Osteopaths will employ a wide range of techniques to manipulate your body to improve overall function.

These can include:

Physical Manipulation
Dry Needling
Cranial Osteopathy (OCF)
Exercise and postural advice
Joint manipulation

The goal is to bring your body back to homeostasis where the skeleton, ligaments, joints, muscles and connective tissues are functioning smoothly together. In biological terms, Homeostasis can be considered a healthy state that is maintained by constant adjustment of biochemical and physiological pathways, within the human body.

Come and talk to us about all of the ways we may be able to assist in clinic, at the Runaway Bay Marina in Hollywell, on the Gold Coast.

What conditions may benefit from Osteopathy?

Due to both the cranial, and hands-on physical nature of some Osteopathic techniques, Osteopathy often provides an alternate or complementary treatment options for those who wish to avoid taking medications or undergoing surgery. These are just some of the conditions, injuries and illnesses that our Osteopaths have experience assisting our clients here on the Gold Coast with:

  • General: Sports Injuries, Pregnancy Pain, Postural pain, Chronic Injuries, Muscular Pain, Arthritis.
  • Head and Neck: Migraines, Headaches, Whiplash Injuries, Stiffness and Jaw pain
  • Shoulders: Rotator Cuff + Shoulder Injury, Frozen Shoulder, Bursitis, Mobility and Range of Motion issues
  • Wrist and Arm/Elbow: Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Golfers/Tennis Elbow,
  • Hips/Legs: Hip Flexor Pain, Sciatica, Hamstring Injuries, Iliotibial Band (ITB) pain and soreness, Pelvic Imbalance
  • Back: Persistent aching/stiffness, Sudden Sharp Localized Pain, Disc Injuries, Scoliosis, Muscle Spasms
  • Feet and Ankles: Achilles and Ligament Injuries, all manner of Sprains and Strains, Shin Splints, Heel/Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

Health and Wellness Products Available!

Call us on (07) 56 133 505  or come by the clinic at the Runaway Bay Marina on the Gold Coast to explore the wide range of products we have available for your needs:

Medical grade supports and braces for joints/limbs

Herbal and dietary supplements which can assist with a wide range of conditions such as mood, sleep, energy, weight management, deficiencies, poor gut health, pain management and more!

Extensive range of only the highest quality Vitamins and Minerals


Frequently Asked Questions about Osteopathy

In most cases, yes. We always suggest contacting your private insurance provider to check your level of extras cover. Most insurance companies will pay a percentage of your treatment fee, until you limit has been reached. We have a HICAPS machine so your claim will be processed immediately and rebate applied, leaving only the gap for you to cover.

An initial osteopathic treatment costs $120.00, and a returning appointment is $99.00. Keep an eye on our social media accounts as we sometimes run specials for initial appointments for new patients! https://www.facebook.com/Eclipsehealthandosteopathy

Before your arrival we will ask you to complete our digital new patient intake form. This will allow our Osteopath to understand your relevant medical history. During consultation a detailed case history will be taken, assessment conducted, treatment and management plan will be formulated and discussed with you. Once this has been completed, your hands on osteopathic treatment will begin.

Here at Eclipse Health and Osteopathy, we currently have clinics in two locations. Our primary clinic is located at the Runaway Bay Marina in Hollywell. Level 1, Suite 7/247 Bayview St. Our secondary clinic is located in Casino NSW, you can head on over to www.elipsehealthosteo.com.au to take a look.

Here on the Gold Coast, there are a large number of reasons and ways for our patients to need to visit us. Certain workplaces have a pre-disposition to certain injuries such as tourism, retail, trades and call centre work. Additionally large numbers of the population like to remain active in their social lives with gym, functional training, sports, hiking etc. We want to get your body back to its optimal condition as quickly as possible, and work towards a maintenance program specifically tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

All registered osteopaths including those here at Eclipse Health and Osteopathy need to complete a Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. It is also a requirement by AHPRA that osteopaths complete 25+ hours of additional training and courses to continually develop and improve the osteopaths skills. Our osteopaths have completed additional courses in dry-needling, sports and rehabilitation taping, vertigo, pelvic pain, osteopathy in the cranial field and more.

Initial appointments will normally go for around 45 minutes, due to the detailed nature of our collection of your medical history and personalised assessment.
A standard or “return” appointment, will be 30 minutes.
We also offer an extended appointment type for those who have multiple areas of concern, haven’t been for a while and are particularly complex, or require an additional exercise plan created. These will go for 45 minutes.

Our osteopaths here on the Gold Coast frequently work with and receive referrals from Specialists and Surgeons, GP’s, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, personal trainers, pilates instructors and more. We’re always happy to work collaboratively with your other health care professionals to ensure you’re receiving the very best levels of treatment.

There is only one way for you to receive a medicare rebate for your osteopathic care and that is for your GP to establish a team care arrangement. Once that’s completed they will complete an allied health medicare referral as part of a Chronic Disesae Management plan. This will entitle the patient to up to 5 (total including other allied health services) per calendar year.
We do not bulk bill. You will need to pay the full cost of treatment, and we will immediately process your Medicare rebate of $55.10 back into your nominated savings or cheque account at reception.

Absolutely! We’re more then happy to compile a stretching and exercise routine for you, with easy to follow videos. Additionally, we have top quality foam rollers, taping and other self-use items available for purchase at our Clinic Located at the Runaway Bay Marina.

Our Clinic has a wonderful relationship with a wide range of wholesalers, who allow our Osteopaths access to supplements, vitams, organic powders and more. Magneisum supplements, topical pain treatment, Magneisum Bath Flakes, Products for anxiety and stress, Help with sleeping and more are all available in consultation with your Osteopath.